Recovery After Abuse

Recovery After Abuse

Recovery After Abuse

I'm Susan Ball, Abuse Recovery Expert and I'm so excited to host an incredible healing event for anyone who has or is experiencing abuse – narcissistic, emotional, financial, verbal or physical. Abuse is Abuse.

You Can Recover after Abuse & Heal Your Trauma
You Can Live a Healthy Life & Have Healthy Love


Own the Conference
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The experts have delivered amazing healing information and personal stories. The interviews are pure gold and worth having access to during your recovery journey. For a small personal investment, you can have unlimited access to the interviews. You can listen as many times as you like, where and whenever you like.

Option 1: Lifetime access to all recordings.

Your Investment: $47.00 US 

(but act now, after September 30th, the price will be $67.00 US) 

Value: Priceless

Option 2: Lifetime access to all recordings + BONUS Private 1:1 Session with Susan Ball

Your Investment: $97.00 US 

(but act now, this exclusive bonus is only available until September 30th!) 

Value: Priceless


Tracy Malone

Tracy Malone

Divorcing a narcissist - How to avoid huge financial mistakes

Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Narcissistic relationships

Dr. Debi Silber

How an Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health, Work and Relationships

Evelyn Ryan

Challenges of Grieving and Mourning Loss of A Narcissist

Rachel Grant

Taking Charge of Your Trauma Brain

Tori Glaude

Tori Glaude

The Power of Self-Love During Healing from an Unhealthy Relationship

Teri Wellbrock

From Trauma to Triumph - A Healing Journey

Michelle Farris

The Value of Anger in Codependency Recovery

Angele Cristina

Angele Cristina

Courage: The Root of Your Power!

Carla Romo

Break Free from Codependency

Sharon Martin

Putting an End to Self-Criticism and Guilt

Stephanie McPhail

Recovery After Abuse

Suzanna Mathews

Emotional Blackmail, Toxic Relationships, and the "Be Love" Belief

Amelia Fortes

The 5 Deceptions that Keep You from Healthy & Thriving Relationships

Jacqui Pugh

Dealing with Your Emotions

Ashley Berges

Why we Overlook the Red Flags in relationships

Randi Fine

Changing the Way You Talk to Yourself

Sian Hill

Parenting Traumatised Children and How to Help them Heal

Cyndi Olin

Finding Healthy Love after an Abusive Relationship

Caroline Strawson

The Trauma Of Narcissistic Abuse

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