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Self-Sabotage After Abuse

Susan Ball

I’m so excited to host an incredible healing event for anyone who has or is experiencing abuse – narcissistic, emotional, financial, verbal or physical. Abuse is Abuse.

Healing is a journey with many turns and bends. We travel the road of discovery and expansion, learning to love and value who we are unconditionally. We learn about boundaries and standing in our value and power. We stand strong and begin a brand new chapter filled with possibilities, purpose, and potential.

I have curated an amazing group of guest speakers who will give you the tools and resources to help you Survive . Heal . Thrive after Abuse




Cheryl Fidelman

Sex, Codependence & ATTUNEMENT

Stacy Hoch

Personality Structures of Codependent Empaths

Melanie Pickett

Narcissism: Healing from an Abusive Relationship

Kristen Darcy

Co-Parenting with a Narc

Laura Bonarrigo

Avoiding Post Traumatic Divorce Disorder

Laura Menze

Relationship Readiness

Natalie Murray

Epigenetic Healing And Recovery

Sherry Gaba

The Narcissist and Love Addict Dance

Lisa E Scott

How to Recover from Narcissistic Abuse

Debbie Mirza

Covert Narcissism

Linda Bloom

The Giver and the Taker

Tamara Green

Self-Care Strategies for Abuse Recovery

Leslie Beth Wish

Trusting Your Love Intuition

Mike Goldstein

How to Know He's a Good Guy

Leanne Linsky

Smarter, Stronger, and Smiling after a Narcissistic Relationship

Carolyn Hobbs

Reconnecting with Unlimited Joy &
Inner Peace

Zoe Parsons

Going to Family Court with a Narcissist

Angelena Lewis

REcovery - The Undercurrent of Complex PTSD

Lisa Wilson

Being Radically Authentic: Overcoming People Pleasing & Speaking Your Truth

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