Healing Narcissistic Trauma COnference


Laura Bonarrigo, Life Coach

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The Better Divorce ebook

25-page guide to help recreate life after divorce. A divorce is some of the loneliest moments of one's life. But when you understand this modern-day rite of passage, it can become an amazing experience. This guide is the information I wish I had had.

I used to say that I wouldn’t wish divorce upon my worst enemy and yet, I’ve worn seven wedding dresses and been through three divorces. So, I know a thing or two about the heart ache and pain of falling in and out of love. If you’re anything like me, like any human being really, and you’re still in the midst of your separation, I bet you’re tired of hurting, you’re looking for a way out of the mess you call your life and you’re frightened about what the future holds. I’ve climbed out of what I called “my hole” more than once and each time, doing so successfully. That’s why I chose to become a Certified Life Coach and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. During each of my divorces (as a child of, a young adult and a mother) the pain was so awful, I looked everywhere for help and no one could really grasp what I was going through. Oh, they talked about understanding, the professionals gave me lots of instructions on what to do but no one understood my particular space. Those were lonely days. Today I’m here to help you understand what’s going on, to navigate decisions and to create a new identity. I get it, I’ve done it, I know it can be done. I can help. I encourage you to talk to someone you can trust, someone who gets what you’re up against and someone who’s been through the process more than once. I believe ‘the terrain between being married and being single isn’t for the faint of heart' so for those thinking about, going through or recovering from the experience of separation, I’m here to offer comfort in being heard and an opportunity to be understood. Together, you get to make a road map that works for you and discover a real chance at creating a future with the partnership (or not) you desire. I am available by phone, in person or via various online platforms. I have an international clientele and live in New York City for in-person coaching. I look forward to meeting you

Angelena Lewis is a 3x survivor of narcissistic abuse, following a history of adult and childhood abuse. After going on her own journey of self-discovery and healing, in which she discovered her own personal power, passion and purpose. She is now a life and relationship coach, therapist, a bestselling, award-winning co-author and the founder of LIVINWARRIOR.COM, a company dedicated to helping women after a toxic situations/relationships and live more empowered lives.

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The Livin Warrior's Haven

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ATTUNEMENT Session $47 - 75% Discount

A leader and thought provoker in the Human Potential Movement, Cheryl takes a masterful approach at learning and recreating what life is like behind her client's eyes – this is ATTUNEMENT. She is a poet, nationally toured performance artist, life coach and creator of The ATTUNEMENT MOVEMENT – a cutting edge movement that is rapidly expanding. The ATTUNEMENT Practice returns her client’s to the truest and most authentic versions of themselves. The ATTUNEMENT MOVEMENT is creating communities of people that are supporting one another in slowly and gently removing all masks to connection.

Empowered Her is a movement to teach and support young women. It is built on the foundation of boundaries – how to set them and how to enforce them. It is about knowing healthy relationships and how to recognize an abusive relationship and get out sooner rather than later. It is about empowerment, self-love, wellness, and values.

Empowered Her will branch out across the globe on a mission to stop abuse in it's tracks. Young girls need to know they have the power, they have value, and they don't have to accept anything less than what they are worth.

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Empowered Her Boundaries Course - $19

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